Dennis van der Geest will also be at The Hague Grand Prix - The Hague Grand Prix


Former Dutch judoka Dennis van der Geest will make an appearance during The Hague Grand Prix. He will not return as a judoka, but he won’t go unnoticed during the tournament in The Hague. As a speaker for the International Judo Federation (IJF) he will try to hype up the crowd in the Zuiderpark Sports Campus. “For the IJF I am a speaker during a number of major tournaments during the year. That I call fulfill this role in my home country is extra special for me,” says the former world champion.

It has been a while since a judo event, where the best judoka in the world compete against one another, was held in The Netherlands. In 2011 was the last time a judo Grand Prix was organized in The Netherlands. According to Van der Geest it is a good thing the Grand Prix is back. “It is great for Dutch judo that there will be a Grand Prix in the Netherlands again. The Dutch judo fan can enjoy three days of top international judo and as the organizing country four Dutch judoka can compete in each weight class. This means Dutch judo talents can experience matches against the best judoka of the world. I hope this tournament will boost the Dutch judo sport.

This many Dutch judoka could lead to a Dutch domination at the event. The chance of a Dutch domination such as in speed skating is nevertheless very small. There are 400 international competitors at the Grand Prix. Dennis van der Geest is therefore cautiously optimistic in his prediction. “We still have some Dutch judoka who always have a chance at winning a medal in their weight class. That is why I predict five Dutch medals in The Hague!”

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